How Did Celebrity Airport Style Become

In 2016, “airport style” is very much a thing. We breathlessly marvel at the trick: The Miranda Kerrs, Diane Krugers, and Kendall Jenners of the world take the same drying, stuffy flights as the non-famous masses, but emerge unwrinkled and unfazed. “Model Airport Style and Outfit Ideas, Starring Karlie Kloss” Glamour writes. “Hotness Alert! Priyanka Chopra’s airport style is ON … Continua a leggere

Fashion Career You Didn’t Know Existed

So we’ve all heard of career costume designers. The names Adrian, Edith Head, Colleen Atwood, and Milena Canonero may come to mind — they’re all legendary, renowned costume designers for live action films. But with technology evolving and with newer types of mediums and methods emerging to create films, more and more jobs that didn’t exist before are being created. … Continua a leggere

Why Are Women’s Shirt Buttons on the Left

If you’ve ever compared a woman’s button-up shirt to a man’s, you’ve probably noticed that the buttons are on the opposite side. But have you ever wondered why? An age-old theory is that it all has to do with the well-known fact that women can’t dress themselves. I’m kidding, of course (I dress myself nearly every day!), but many moons … Continua a leggere

Donald Trump Is Giving Late Night TV A

Wednesday night’s talk shows grappled with the new reality of Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee with equal parts amazement, ridicule, and fear. And, in the case of Jimmy Fallon, another lousy Trump impersonation. Thank goodness one of his guests was Fran Lebowitz. The humorist was brought on after one of Fallon’s patented Tonight Show stunts — beer pong … Continua a leggere

‘Grace and Frankie’: The New Season

As gainful employment for some very talented actors in the autumn of their years, I’m glad for the existence of Grace and Frankie, which begins its second season on Netflix today. As a sitcom, it’s pretty much all situation; its comedy is minimally effective. It’s one of the few current shows of its kind that might actually be helped by … Continua a leggere

‘The Good Wife’ Finale Review

The seventh and final season of The Good Wife concluded on Sunday night with an hour written by series creators Robert and Michelle King that brought some resolution and left other questions dangling — in other words, it was an episode in keeping with the complex nature of this generally excellent series.  Most of the final hour was all about … Continua a leggere